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Security & Identity Theft

We use ShareFile which allows us to exchange confidential information in an encrypted format.


Once again, we will be using ShareFile which allows taxpayers to upload confidential documents securely.  


Please DO NOT EMAIL us copies of your documents through regular email. This is not a secure and safe method for sending your confidential information and we will not open them. This is for your protection and ours. ShareFile is easy to use and safe for sending confidential documents so please use this via the website if you choose to send us your documents electronically.


By using ShareFile Upload combined with our latest security software makes it extremely difficult for electronic intruders to get through our defenses.


We will accept data from you in 2 ways: 


  1. SHAREFILE UPLOAD is our preferred method. 

  2. SNAIL MAIL:  Morgan Matthews Accounting & Tax, P. O. Box 40, Grafton, OH 44044


We know these changes will cause some hassle on your (and our part), but it is the best way to protect your confidentiality and safety.

Spam, Phishing and Phone calls


If you receive any emails or phone calls from the IRS, hang up or delete.  The IRS does not call or email taxpayers!  Do not give out any personal information or click on any links, no matter the threat you are given.  


In August 2017, the IRS contracted with four external collection agencies to collect unpaid, overdue tax debts.  The IRS and the agency will both send you a letter before any calls are made notifying the taxpayer that account has been turned over. 


These agencies must follow certain rules regarding the collections to ensure taxpayer rights and privacy. Click here for more information.

Upload your documents securely via ShareFile below:
Please note, you may not receive a confirmation message that documents have been uploaded. Once you hit "upload," your documents have been sent securely.
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